Witness Cameras

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Protect your no claims bonus

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Back up your statement of events with video evidence.

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Reduce your insurance premium.

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Ideal for Cars, Vans, Minibuses, HGV, Taxi’s and more…

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The systems we offer are “plug and play” so you can install it yourself within a couple of minutes (similar to sat nav install) and move it to which ever vehicle you are driving. We also offer a “hard wire installation service” for customers who prefer to have the system permanently installed in the vehicle without trailing wires and the need for it to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. The systems are dual voltage so they can be used in 12 and 24 volt vehicles. The video is recorded onto a SD card and you can view your journeys at any time by simply inserting the SD card into your PC or laptop. Once the card is full it will simply overwrite the oldest recording and will store (and not overwrite) any recordings if you push the event button on the side of the camera during the journey.

Our witness camera products range from systems with one forward facing camera to systems with dual cameras (which also record the occupants of the vehicle and the view through the rear window). You can also choose between a standard definition camera or an HD camera and can also choose to include things such as; audio, a G-Sensor (to measure the force of impact) and GPS so the journey can also be replayed in google maps.

Blackvue GPS-24BlackVUE DR400-24View i-silver-24View i-pro RUBy-24

We also offer a range of DVR systems which can include up to 4 cameras and the option of an separate monitor which are ideal for applications such as; Taxi’s, Buses, Refuge collection vehicles, Recycling vehicles, Tippers etc.

Whether you choose an entry level system or a top of the range bespoke system we are always on hand to provide free advice on the type of system that is best suited to your requirements and budget.


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