Parrot UNIKA

Parrot UNIKA is an installable interface that connects your vehicle’s steering wheel controls to any hands-free system in the Parrot MKi & ASTEROID series  putting all the features of your Parrot hands-free system within easy reach, whatever the circumstances.

Integrated – the Parrot UNIKA solution is invisible inside the vehicle Intelligent – compatible with all steering wheel controls Universal – fits most vehicles on the market*
Simple – quick and easy to fit

UNIKA Description

Ultra-fast installation

The interface’s universal cable connects to your Parrot hands-free system and your vehicle’s electrical system before you can say Parrot UNIKA.

An LED tells you whether the Parrot UNIKA interface has been correctly fitted when connecting

Extended compatibility

The Parrot UNIKA interface works with all CAN-bus vehicle communication protocols and resistor ladders.

In response to changes in the marketplace, Parrot UNIKA can easily be updated.


* Visit: to find out
whether your vehicle is compatible.

Parrot UNIKA

Steering wheel control interface system for the Parrot MKi & ASTEROID.


Operating voltage: 12 V
Maximum permitted voltage: 16 V
Nominal power consumption: 60 mA
Maximum power consumption: 100 mA
Power consumption on standby: <2 mA

Control unit

Length: 67.80 mm
Width: 67.80 mm
Thickness: 28 mm
Interface unit weight: 45 g
Total weight with accessories: 140 g

Kit contents

1 Parrot UNIKA control unit
1 Universal cable
1 User guide